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Latest Improvements

What's New on SanMar.com as of October 2009

  • Launched enhanced Logoizer™ tool for sanmar.com and custom websites. The tool:
    • Enables the customer to easily upload up to eight logos on a variety of products and apparel items, as well as to move each one around on a single product.
    • Allows the customer and end user to try and apply their logos throughout SanMar.com, as well as on their custom websites.
    • Features a new look and feel with a clean, modern design.
    • Lets the customer manipulate, resize and position their logos faster and more easily.
  • Launched Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) contact information for our brands on sporttekusa.com, districtthreads.com, preciouscargokids.com, and portauthorityclothing.com. This information allows end users to e-mail an address to find out whether a product is product safety compliant.

  • Faster ordering: The new Order area at the top of Sanmar.com allows you to type in a style number and immediately be taken to the product ordering page, streamlining the order process even further.
  • More search options: Our search options have been enhanced to deliver better results for you, based on how you really search—by type of product, style number, brand, keyword, and more. And our new Refined Search lets you use drop-down menus to fine-tune your search to find exactly the items you seek.
  • Automatic search query fill-in: This new feature delivers suggested search terms as you begin to type a search query, filling in several possible options from which you can select, if applicable. This provides more relevant search results--every time you search.
  • Better readability of swatch colors: The swatch colors on product and ordering grid pages are more prominently displayed, so that you can easily see all available colors when talking to a customer.
  • Order next style: You can now easily order related styles right from the ordering grid, allowing completion of a long order in much less time.
  • Easy safety compliance search: With the new GCC search tool, easily and quickly check the status of any product, by style or tracking number, to see if it is has received a General Conformity Certificate, confirming it complies with product safety laws. This enables you to be ahead of the competition in providing critical safety information to your customer.